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The FACT program provides a full array of clinical services for the court system. The program is co-located in the courthouse for easy access for the courts. This component provides important technical assistance and support to judicial and other court staff, law enforcement and other agencies to assist in developing appropriate planning for juveniles.

The majority of youth involved in the juvenile court system demonstrate some level of trauma, from homelessness and abandonment to sexual victimization. FACT conducts comprehensive clinical assessments to diagnose substance abuse and/or mental health disorders, provides clinical counseling including Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TFCBT). CommuniCare employs several therapists that are NC Child Treatment Program "Rostered", which means they have professional credentials to perform this critical form of therapy.

Comprehensive Clinical Assessments:
This component is often a critical link to placement and other service providers in the Alliance Behavioral Healthcare network. FACT conducts comprehensive clinical assessments to identify underlying emotional, behavioral concerns and deficits that are linked to a juvenile's delinquent behavior and criminal activity.

When necessary, personality tests or other psychological assessment instruments used to identify depression or other psychological disorders may be administered by an appropriate clinician. FACT will connect the client to psychological services with our Licensed Psychological Associate. When substance abuse is diagnosed, the consumer is referred to an appropriate clinician for further assessment and treatment. The findings from the comprehensive clinical assessment are utilized in the treatment team setting to plan for after care and ongoing supports to meet the treatment or programming needs of the client.

Program Goals:
The goal of the FACT clinical assessment component is to provide critical clinical information to juvenile/district courts, which can be used in developing an individualized service plan for the juvenile. The treatment plan may be incorporated into probation requirements and/or used to identify appropriate treatment, counseling or other community services to address the needs of the youth.

Program Objectives:
  • Assessments will include treatment recommendations.
  • Comprehensive Clinical Assessments will be completed within specified timeframes to meet the needs of the youth, family, courts and providers.
Target population:
Families And Courts Together (FACT) prioritizes services for youth ages 6 to 17 years of age that are either involved in the juvenile court system from intake to adjudication or on a commitment status or post-release supervision from a YDC.

Youth that are ungovernable, undisciplined or present other negative behaviors including youth/street gang violence and crime are considered for services when capacity allows. Priority for services is given to judicial, district attorney and court counseling staff for youth that present behavioral or emotional concerns that warrant further diagnosis and/or clarification through a clinical assessment.

Referrals and Admission:
Referrals from judicial staff, court counseling staff and the district attorney’s office are prioritized for services. In addition, referrals are received from DSS, schools, law enforcement agencies/School Resource Officers (SRO), JCPC funded programs, parents and others as capacity allows. Parents may also make a referral for services. After hours and weekend emergency services are provided.

For more information about FACT services or to make a referral or appointment, please contact the clinicians at 910.321.3703, 910.321.6342 or our main office at 910.829.9017.


CommuniCare is launching our new website to provide more information for our clients, partners and others. New Features will allow easier access to the information you need. A new electronic referral form is now available for your convenience.